Technology Consulting SOA

Within our Consulting and Implementation Services we provide Technology Consulting. We can offer an independent consultancy during certain project phases related to design and implementation of complex hardware and software architectures, with particular attention to key aspects such as security, high availability, sizing, performance and disaster recovery.The goal is simple, but strategically very important: advise businesses how to best use and deploy information technology to reach their business goals.Techedge has been performing Technology Consulting

Data Modeling

Modeling Data Services Using BEA Aqualogic Data Services Platform, you can create and maintain models of your enterprise data services. Models describe data, relationship between data objects, data semantics, and consistency constraints.Models also express relationships between physical data services, logical data services, or a combination. In DSP all model relationships are binary; each binary relationship is expressed in a model diagram as one or more lines between two data services.You can use DSP model diagrams to:Obtain a high-level, visual view of data resourcesViewthe relationships between physical and logical data resourcesFacilitate the creation or modification of relationships between resourcesQuickly access or create a data service


We recognize the need for an enterprise wide integrated architecture strategy and work closely with our clients to architect a sound technology base in line with future business growth and direction by employing the latest methodologies and tools. The deliverables of this offering are Implement Identity & Access Management solutions

  • Develop secure e-business solutions – Data encryption,
  • secure remote access & secure transmission
  • Enable strong multi-factor authentication mechanisms
  • Implement enterprise single sign on
  • Secure web services

Application Design

Applications are part of processes and instruments that stay online or in the internet space to support the offline business processes and/ or provide complete online capabilities to some or all departments of a corporation. The simplest of all could be seen as a website that presents a company' services, products and information on the web.As we can see in case of all showrooms or showcase spaces in market, the design constitutes major part of the impression a website can put on a potential customer, and so is frequently modified and changed to meet the customer expectation of the period and contemporary concepts of business.