Your business has goals and priorities, but do your employees understand them, and see how their own work relates to the larger business? If not, it’s time for performance management that focuses employees on continuous improvement, facilitates conversation between staff and managers, and points individuals in the direction that benefits the entire organization.

Application Performance optimization

Sirrus Software Services offers a portfolio of consulting services that help you optimize application performance throughout the entire application lifecycle. Test new applications before deployment to ensure they meet network and end-user demands. For applications already in production, find and fix performance issues to limit downtime and loss of productivity. And ensure SLAs are maintained when migrating applications as part of a data center transformation or when moving to the cloud.

Reduce TCO

TCO quantifies the cost of the purchase across the product's entire lifecycle. Therefore, it offers a more accurate basis for determining the value -- cost vs. ROI -- of an investment than the purchase price alone. The overall TCO includes direct and indirect expenses, as well as some intangible ones that may be assigned a monetary value. For example, a server's TCO might include an expensive purchase price, a good deal on ongoing support, and low system management time because of its user-friendly interface.There are several methodologies and software tools to calculate total cost of ownership, but the process is not perfect. Many enterprises fail to define a singular methodology. This is bad because they cannot base purchasing decisions on uniform information. Another problem is that it is difficult to determine the scope of operating costs for any piece of IT equipment; some cost factors are easily overlooked or inaccurately compared from one product to another. For example, support costs on one server include the cost of spare parts. This might make support cost more than it does on another server, but eliminates an additional cost factor of parts acquisition.