Managed Services

IT infrastructure is the backbone of any organization. To derive optimal performance, it is not enough to design only IT infrastructure and applications to provide the desired business outcomes. One has to ensure high availability performance and service levels with the help of robust IT services.At Sirrus Software Services, we develop applications that ensure your business is well served and managed on a 24X7 basis thus providing secure and high performance platform for operations.

24X7 Production Support

Our Applications Management is a key enabler in IBM's ability to provide you with 24x7 application support and availability monitoring. We monitor applications to threshold standards. If a portion of the environment violates fall outside of our thresholds, our application experts are armed with the latest tools in diagnosing system problems.

L1, L2 & L3

This support level receives inbound requests through channels like phone, Web forms, email, chat, or other means based on the documented agreement with the Client. L1 support typically includes individuals that have very limited technical expertise. L1 support logs, categorizes, prioritizes, tracks, and routes (i) incidents reported by users or (ii) alarms raised by monitoring tools. L1 is intended to be the first to acknowledge an incident. L1 support tracks tickets until successfully resolved. L1 engineers can implement basic, documented break-fix tasks along the lines of following a cookbook recipe. L1 personnel will typically escalate to an L2 resource and follow documented escalation procedures, again, like following a cookbook recipe. Depending on the vendor, L1 technicians will have from 0 to 4 years of prior relevant experience. At Appnomic, L1 engineers generally have at least 2 years of prior relevant experience.