We provide functional training to IT resources covering the fundamentals of business processes, organizational structure, project management and delivery methodologies.

Sirrus Software Services - Corporate Training

Our corporate training sessions are for a particular time. Depending on the project you are about to handle, the course module will vary. Similarly, depending on course modules, there will be a change in time. We will first have a thorough chat with the experts and would like to work on their projects. After that, we will dedicate a time and date, depending on the requirements of company and its employees.

We offer corporate training to organizations that seek to improve their business productivity and people performance. Our key strength is customization. We integrate your organization's culture, values, systems and management style into our training programs thus ensuring that the training communication is in sync with your organization’s mission and goals

Sirrus Software Services is a corporate management training and consulting firm that improves client’s business performance through the systematic and comprehensive development of people, teams, and the business. Sirrus Software Services consultants have used a broad range of team development, organization development and leadership developments programs and projects to help our clients achieve positive changes in business results. From classroom training to personalized instruction for individuals, our team of experienced and professional trainers make learning interesting, fun, and memorable.

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