Application Transformation

Mission Critical applications are crucial to your business success. We understand application challenges and have helped many companies deliver innovative application solutions. We deliver cost-advantaged integration and development services using industry leading frameworks for quality, maturity, and service management. Whether you need applications engineering, management or transformation, Cityon Systems has the proven expertise to deliver solutions that help you achieve the results you seek. We collaborate with you to build predictable, long-term enduring customer relationships that deliver measurable business value

Legacy modernization

Complex computing infrastructure in the 20th century was expensive and required applications to optimize processing to keep computing costs low. Business models and business processes were entirely different when such legacy software was written. Legacy software is deeply embedded in organizations with great complexity. Further, there is a plethora of problems with legacy applications such as lack of agility, skill shortage, and high cost of ownership.Today, computing costs are not a concern anymore. Agile, proactive, flexible, and real-time prescriptive IT systems are imperative for business growth. To align with this changing trend, Syntel offers advanced legacy modernization tools, powered by MIII (Manage, Migrate and Modernize) . MIII accelerates legacy application modernization and migration to new platforms enabled by digital capabilities. Syntel’s business-aligned legacy modernization services are backed by in-house automation accelerators and they provide 360° coverage for apps and infrastructure modernization.