Performance matters. Companies today that do not deliver consistent results will be over taken by the competition. Organizations need to deliver higher levels of business process efficiency and increased productivity. To do so, they must improve and integrate workflow, data and processes by leveraging the latest Oracle enterprise resource planning applications and technologies in ways that directly impact the bottom line.For years, organizations have used manual processes to bridge gaps in their business processes or have developed costly, integration using custom solutions. The result is that businesses operate within line-of-business silos. With every change in process, there is a cascading ripple effect.

Design, Development SAP, Oracle Apps

The SAP and Oracle partnership does not end with technology exchange. Customer support and satisfaction are the tangible day-to-day benefits of this partnership. A key enabler of this customer support is SAP's requirement for permanent on-site consulting staff to provide immediate support ranging from application development to critical problem response. The SAP Support and Services group at Oracle's Solution Center was created to coordinate this focused customer support.


Sirrus Software Services Configuration Services can help remove the complexity and frustration associated with deploying new equipment. Dell Configuration experts can install hardware components and software during the manufacturing process to ensure your systems are pre-configured and ready to go. You avoid excessive downtime in deploying new systems and can eliminate the risks and unnecessary complexity associated with supporting nonstandard configurations in your environment.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance of PeopleSoft Applications due to frequently changing business requirements can turn out to be a complicated time consuming and an expensive process for any IT organization. To manage this business need many of our fortune 1000 clients have taken the help of Sirrus Software Services expertise in Application Maintenance & Support Services.Sirrus Software Services provides end-to-end PeopleSoft Outsourcing, Application Management, Support and Maintenance services exclusively customized to the needs for our customers. We have proven track record in handling multi-year PeopleSoft outsourcing and application management engagements across the globe for various industries.Our support services provide enhanced value to our customers leveraging our Global Delivery Capabilities, 24*7 Follow-the-sun approach (Level 1 to Level 4 Support), Matured Knowledge Transition Method, Industry best practices, Tools & Accelerators for faster –time to market and stringent SLA adherence.